Siân Coleman Eventing is proud to be sponsored by the following:



NutriScience has been developing and manufacturing premium quality equine supplements from its Irish headquarters since 1999. The range includes effective, proven products to help horses achieve peak performance.

Gain Nutrition


GAIN Equine Nutrition is the equine feed brand of Glanbia. They pride themselves on producing consistent, palatable, dust free feeds of the highest nutritional content. GAIN Equine Nutrition is used by leading trainers, breeders and high performance riders all across the world.

Clippers Ireland


Clippers Ireland is a professional online retailer, offering only the best range of animal clippers for dogs, horses, sheep, alpaca and cattle. They buy in huge bulk and can therefore offer great products at affordable prices.

Flex on


The perfect match between technological innovation and rider need to create the best stirrups specifically designed for riding (according to a study by the Sport-Contrôle research company) which:

  • absorb vibration and reduce fatigue to the joints
  • reduce wear and tear on the muscles
  • promote a good saddle position
  • adapt to your style of riding (stirrups can be personalised for each discipline) and your needs

Childéric Saddles


Childéric Saddles offer beautiful and bespoke saddles for every type of horse and rider. From those who ride for pleasure, those with aspirations of competing on the International stage and to those competing at World and Olympic Championship level.

Front Runner – Sports Physiotherapist

Louise Landers – 0857594548

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